About Us

Welcome to My Local Website

This is where you can start the journey to having a great internet presence. Not only will it look good it will perform in driving business to you.

Who Are We

We started developing websites from the ground up. Starting when the major search engines were first developing their algorithms. We gained valuable insight into what makes a web presence perform.

Our Mission

Most websites are designed to look pretty and the engine that drives the sites visiblity is almost a second thought. We strive to get the structure right and then make it look great.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



Research, from the ground up. Before a design even sees the light of day we find what works in local search for your site.



Once the research is done we use the knowledge gained to lay the foundations of the site.



The visuals are fleshed in consultation with you and the team. Colour, layout, pictures……….. the fun begins.



We put it all together. Form and function. Ensuring all the effort is focussed in the right direction.



Time to unveil. The structure complete it is time for your new local website to see the light.  



It does not end there. We deliver the site and continue to support and assist. Full potential realisation can take time. We will be there on the journey throughout.

Why Choose Us?

We look after all the aspects of your web presence.

Great designs together with a framework that performs like a charm brings value to your whole business.

If you need us you just call. No call center, no machines. An actual person where you can get solutions in real time.

Effective. Not just nice to look at. You want results. We work to deliver.

We partner with your business. It is like having your own local web design team in your own office.

We do not chase dodgy methods for getting search engine traffic to notice your site. We know what works and it is quality, well presented content that is relevant to you and your local customers.

If experience means you have made mistakes and learnt from them. Well that sums up exactly what we are.

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